Dynamo sneakers in Lindemann music video

Dynamo sneakers appeared in the new music video on the song “Frau & Mann” by Till Lindemann, the Rammstein frontman. Legendary frontman presented his video, which, apparently, was filmed in St. Petersburg. The Director of the music video was Sergey Minadze.

In the first shots we see astronauts playing chess and homesick for their loved ones. And we see brand new leather Dynamo sneakers Gus-1 white on the feet of the actors.

It is no secret that Russian sneakers “Dynamo” are very wear-resistant, durable and comfortable. That is why for more than 30 years they have been actively acquired not only by private individuals, but also by state-owned companies and various commercial enterprises for their employees. “Dynamo” are popular sneakers for workers, for employees of construction and repair enterprises, and now also for actors. And we can say — for astronauts! By the way, this is not the first time that Dynamo shoes are used on the set – we have already delivered our sneakers to Lenfilm more than once.

Popular Russian-Ukrainian singer Loboda also starred at Lindemann video. She played the role of the beloved one of Till’s hero and at the same time the wife of one of the astronauts. It is expected that at least two more Till’s clips, filmed in St. Petersburg, will be released soon.

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